Why choose GEM Solutions solar panel service?

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Bespoke Solutions

Whilst many houses can be identical, every home is different.

We invest time talking with every customer to find exactly what they want, that all there questions are answered and support them throughout the entire process. We use this information to design every system from scratch to ensure that the customer achieves the maximum return on there investement.

Qualified & Accredited Surveyors

As well as designing a system that looks good, fits into the environment and provides the amount of power you need it also needs to be safe and secure.

There are a number of variables that will be considered when determining which mounting system we will use. The majority of roofs pose no significant issues, allowing us to use ‘off the shelf’ brackets and mounting rails directly from the panel suppliers. There are instances however where the mounting system must be designed in house and custom manufactured.

When a system needs to be customised these are designed by our fully qualified and certified engineering team.

Highest Quality Equipment

There are a lot of solar panel manufacturers out there. We only use the best. We don’t scrimp on quality at any stage or on any of the components and all parts are guaranteed.

Experienced Fitting Teams

Our teams are all lead by one of our experienced project managers, who knows the entire process from beginning to end. We feel it is important for you to have somebody you can talk to during the install to explain what our team is doing at any moment in time. Our fittings experts have all worked on roofs for many years, they know exactly how to install a system without damaging a roof. In fact, we can incorporate an install with a complete reroof if this is something you were already thinking about.

On a solar PV system there will be an NIC EIC accredited electrician to check all the connections and ensure your microgeneration is correctly and safely attached to the grid.

Panel Life Warranty

After an important purchase it is important to have peace of mind. All our cells carry a 25 year warranty.

That should not be taken as indicative of the lifetime however. There are Sharp panels installed in Japan 40 years ago that are still producing electricity now, and that’s with technology that’s over fifty years old. The warranty is the absolute minimum lifetime that you should expect.

Customer Satisfaction

This is paramount to us. We want your solar system to be something that you are not only happy with, but actually proud of. It is, after all, your personal contribution towards securing humanity’s energy future.

We are happy to provide testimonials of people who have previously employed us to transform their buildings.