Some of the most common questions we get asked

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Do the installers have to come into the property?
The technician must have full access to your Property. The consumer unit, loft and roof areas will all need to be looked at in order to complete the survey process and have an appropriate system design.

Is there much mess?
Dust sheets will be laid down throughout the house to minimise any dust or debris, and our installers will thoroughly clear up before they leave.

How long does it take?
An average domestic installation takes approximately two days to complete. Work will take place both inside and outside the property. In this time all the roof works and installation, including commissioning of the system will be completed. However, work could be delayed due to inclement weather. We will endeavour to keep to our schedule where possible but will keep you informed of any changes.

Do I need to provide anything?
The installation team provide all of their own equipment including lights, ladders and scaffolding.

What is the life span of the system?
The first silicon based Solar PV systems where developed in the 1950s, with installations being completed in the 1960s. Some of these original systems are still in place and generating green energy today. Therefore, a Solar PV system can last 40 years plus

Is the system guaranteed?
All our products come with a manufacturer’s power output Guarantee for a minimum of 20 years.

Are there any maintenance or servicing requirements?
Grid connected systems require very little maintenance, generally limited to ensuring that shade from trees or other obstructions does not become a problem. However, we do recommend that the wiring and system components are checked periodically by a qualified electrician.

Is the work checked/tested?
Your system will be fully tested before we leave. We are fully accredited with the NIC EIC and MCS.

How can I get the best out of the system?
There are two key ways of getting the maximum benefit out of a Solar PV system. The first is to reduce the amount of electricity required within the property, such as by using energy efficient light bulbs and switching any appliances off at the mains when not being used. By doing this your Solar PV system will become a larger contributor towards your electricity requirements. The other approach is to use the electricity it produces as it is generated. Therefore using appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, irons and kettles during daylight hours is preferable as this is when the system is generating electricity.

If I have any further queries before/after the installation - what should I do?
Please contact us at any time to discuss your concerns. Most of these concerns can be resolved swiftly and efficiently so please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team.

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